Zoning & Development Code:

The KCMO Zoning & Development Code, which guides the city’s development, can be found online here.

The city department that focuses on zoning, urban planning, land use and development issues is the City Planning & Development Dept.


This is a user-friendly tool allowing citizens to explore zoning at a more granular level and includes links to the zoning code, which was officially adopted in July 2013. Find it at http://www.zoningplus.com/regs/kansascity/

Open Datasets

The city of Kansas City, Missouri maintains a set of open datasets that allow the average user to explore everything from bicycle thefts to dangerous buildings, and includes numerous maps and visualizations of the data. Find it at data.kcmo.org.

If you would like to give feedback about which open datasets you would like to see the city provide next, please go here to vote: AllOurIdeas.org/kcmo/

Local Organizations

Which local organizations focus on zoning, land use policy, etc?

Public Spaces



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