I think this could be a general topic - perhaps combined with or supplementing the 'open data' app topic.

I am developing a talk for this subject. Preview it here:


will work best if you use Google Chrome and full-screen it.

The gist of the talk is that maps are one of the most powerful data encoding systems we have. 
The ubiquity of the standard google slippy map can dilute the impact of your message. 
Here I look at a few alternatives to traditional maps - cartograms and time scale maps - that could be used, under certain circumstances, to increase the effectiveness of what you are trying to show. I attempt to use local data when demonstrating these maps.
I also highlight a data vis/art project I worked on - Visualizing the Racial Divide - which, in terms of implementation, I believe is a hybrid of the cartogram and distance visualizations. 


I would also like to highlight the creation of visKC.com - a site I've created to attempt to aggregate KC specific data visualizations, maps, and raw data. 


please contact me at vlandham AT gmail --- you know the rest --- if you have any suggestions or parallel/contradicting ideas.

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