We are a not for profit group focused on helping to strengthen our local economy and create jobs in the greater Kansas City and surrounding areas. We have three projects that we are using to help connect and strengthen K.C.: Made in KC, Whats Made in KC and The Spirit of Kansas City.




Made in KC is an ongoing project cataloging the retail products made in and around the Greater Kansas City and surrounding area. Companies and brands listed on this site are Headquartered and/ or produced here in KC. The main idea of the project is to provide a tool for people to use when shopping so they can choose to buy products made in the K.C. area. By choosing to buy products made in the area we support our local economy and help it grow. Snap or Click the link below to visit Made in KC. 

Made in KC link




We are in the planning phase of a festival set to take place Summer 2013. This festival will celebrate our local brands and products that are produced in the greater Kansas City and surrounding areas. This will be a fun filled event you won’t want to miss.




Inspired by the Norman Rockwell painting, The Spirit of Kansas City, this project will be a series of public events designed to get people excited about the Greater Kansas City area. 












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