Are you an inventor with a great idea who’s looking for a way to bring it to life? If you’re looking to start a business to bring your invention to market, you’ll need investors.Invention Intention Investors for Inventions


Investors provide the funding you need to start and grow your business before it becomes profitable enough to sustain itself. Usually you’ll exchange money for a certain share of ownership in the business. There are a lot of different types of investors and a lot of different types of investments. For example, you might be looking for private angel investors, who invest out of their own personal funds. Other types of investors include crowd funders – which are a large number of very small investors, or corporate investors – which are larger businesses that are interested in securing a mutually beneficial relationship with you.So, how can you actually go out and get yourself Investors for Inventions?We can help!Invention Intention is a community of like-minded inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to turn that next big idea into a reality.


Talk directly with the inventors, investors, and business people you need to grow your skill set and develop your ideas Get access to our community of like minded people to collaborate and form partnerships that’ll profit all parties involved. Find handy invention resources on how you can earn a patent for your idea Showcase your ideas And more!

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