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Our property is a historic building and was KC's first men's shelter called the Helping Hands Institute. In the 1970's Helping Hands and Goodwill merged and the building became condos. We bought our unit around the same time as one of the other residents who formed a book club, which works really well because a lot of us moved in around the same time and this gave us a common interest. Just under half of the units have dogs. The building had a dirt and gravel alley until the board got a alley vacation to make a patio area. Out of 28 units 23 people showed up. We cleared the gravel, laid pavers, installed a fireplace and a raised planter box, planted decorative grasses and three trees. When it was done we had a party on the patio to celebrate. Now the whole building has a patio to enjoy.  -Paul Barham (as told to Synthia Payne)


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