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June 22, 2015

Good morning,

Welcome to the Startup in a Day Community of Practice hosted by the National League of Cities (NLC). This Community of Practice is designed to provide you with peer-to-peer support from other cities that signed on to the Startup in a Day pledge. NLC will work with you all to share best practices, publicize key learnings, and highlight tangible outcomes while you work within your city to develop an online tool for business permitting and licensing applications.

In order to best meet your needs, we ask that you please complete our brief survey as soon as possible. Your responses will help us to better understand your city's current progress towards creating an online tool for business permitting and licensing applications.

Startup in a Day

Startup in a Day is a partnership between the Small Business Administration (SBA), NLC, and the White House. The Startup in a Day initiative aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start a business by reducing the amount of time it takes to discover and apply for permits and licenses on the local level. An entrepreneur’s time is best spent developing innovative products and services, creating jobs, and growing local economies—not navigating red tape. It should not take more than a day for an entrepreneur to identify and apply, ideally through a single online tool, for all the licenses and permits he or she needs in order to responsibly launch a business. Cities who sign the Startup in a Day pledge resolve to: 1) Create a “Startup in a Day” online tool within 12 months 2) Develop a streamlined, business-friendly, online permitting system and 3) Share best practices by joining a Community of Practice administered by NLC. (SBA website and program FAQ.)

Community of Practice Activities

We will be engaging with the community of practice in the following ways:

·         Monthly conference calls or webinars

·         Targeted city-to-city technical assistance

·         In-person session at NLC’s Big Ideas for Small Business Summit in Los Angeles (more info will be provided soon, please save the date for Sept. 22-23)

Funding Challenge from Small Business Administration

The SBA is conducting two prize competitions for U.S. cities and Native American communities. Applications are due by Monday, July 13. Both competitions will award prizes to support the development, implementation, and improvement of online tools that will let entrepreneurs learn about the business startup process in their area, including how to discover and apply for all required local licenses and permits, in one day or less.

Startup in a Day Competition – Start Small Model: The first competition will award up to 25 prizes of up to $50,000 each for cities.  Up to two (2) additional prizes of $50,000 each are available specifically for Native American communities.

Startup in a Day Competition – Dream Big Model: The second competition challenges cities and Native American communities to develop an “open source” Startup in a Day solution, which can be replicable and scalable to other localities. One (1) $250,000 prize will be awarded.

About NLC

NLC is a member-driven resource and advocacy organization representing thousands of cities throughout the country. NLC is encouraging cities to take the Startup in a Day pledge, and will advise local elected leaders, chief innovation officers and city staff to collaborate and share common challenges and proven strategies to meet the Startup in a Day goals. Through its Center for City Solutions and Applied Research, National League of Cities will leverage its capacity to deliver high quality, effective peer-to-peer learning, research and best practices to help cities create a more business-friendly ecosystem.

Please be in touch with us if you have any thoughts or questions!

Emily Robbins and Christy McFarland

Emily Robbins

Senior Associate, Finance & Economic Development

National League of Cities (NLC)

202-626-3131 office email

@robbins617 twitter

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