This site is KC's entry in the Code for America Race to Reuse.

Check out the Dashboard - we are at 26 users as of 11/20/12!

36 users on 11/26/12

November 26, 2012 Team Meeting Notes

Attendees: Cheptoo, David, David, Andy & Rick

Dec. 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. event at Google Fiber space Andrea Ellis is Library coordinator, confirm with Rachel, give access to CfA event budget ($200) 49 signed up!

Library to get word out on their social media and webad on Library site, talking to Henry about it, creating logo or enhancing existing.

Jase Wilson stated CityCamp is coming up in April 2013.

NovelCity is Thursday, find a way to promote event.

Andy has sent notes to UMKC and local professors asking for student help, he will follow up this week.

Rick sent to LEARN homeschool group

Stuart checked and found local Reddit groups but no wiki.

Active YELP community, can add events to it.

David to ask Roosevelt to send note to Neighborhood Associations, checking on mass email policy.

Andy can also ask LocalRuckus to send out notice as well.

Rick sent note to Aaron Deacon at SMCKC


November 19, 2012 Team Meeting Notes

Attendees: Andy Kallenbach, Jason Harper; David LaCrone; Rachel Hack; David Rowe; Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner; Stuart Washington; John Keogh; Rick Usher

To Do:

1. Need 60 users/contributors by Dec. 6th.  Have had 6 -8 to date - all to assist in push

2. Team members to create user accounts and at least 3 pages each

3. Team members to push the fb page, twitter and site through their channels

4. Schedule Dec. 1 event at KC LIbrary

5. OPEN Issue - Campaign budget ($200):

6. Present WikiKC to City Council Aides - Rick has scheduled for 11/26 at 1:30 p.m.

7. Set your campaign goal by Friday November 16 - DONE Goal is 60+ Users/Contributors by Dec. 6th

8. Install and include us on your Google Analytics - DONE installed Nov. 6th

9. Press Release - DONE 11/14/12 - City Participates in CfA Race4Reuse Campaign


Conference call with Jack Madan at CfA Brigade.

Andy as host, Library as future host

Reach out to bloggers and neighborhood associations post minutes

Local wiki directory to blogs

Query and get answers from local wikis

Ann Arbor Mi aggregates contacts for local media and bloggers

Spend time doing outreach through the library

Candidates for management, active citizens using library

University campuses

David Rowe, how can engage the CfA Fellows in wikikc

Jack, don't want Fellows spending an inordinate amount of time on wikikc, want them colesing the local tech community.

Captain for KC Brigade leader, best person to take on this project

Need citizen leader for project using local wiki to make tech community into resource center to connect new users

Oakland leaders held brown bag for City staff PIOs to show how to use local wiki

Challenge is to see the apps become a useful piece of infrastructure for community, # of contributors, # of pages, by Dec6th, metric is unique contributors with mix of core team working to manage pages and do outreach to institutional contributors.  Use wiki as part of web strategy. Accessible question or topic that will resonate with Citizen's.  I.e., what would you do on your perfect day. Then create pages for those issues. Looking for 50 to 60 unique contributors. Then get free hosting for one year.  Have 7 today. 

Bring people in person and online, convince people to be both users and contributors.

Follow up with Library

Create pages for local groups and send it to them for their use.

Next steps:

Dec 1 event

Bring in KF and entrepreneurs

Organize local team with assignments for contributor attraction

Anyone signed up user counts as contributors

Engage SMCKC and Geek Night, 1MC, KCNext, KCWeb, 

KCADC ask creative crossroads people to create a page,

Google Fiber editing events

Historical society

Learning Labs at Library, kids become story tellers


From Code for America Brigade On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 4:34 PM, Jack Madans <> wrote:

Dear Racers,

Congratulations! You have all made it to the starting line of the Race for Reuse.

Your friendly competitors: civic minded technologists and organizers in 22 other cities.

Over the next five weeks, it’s your challenge to take your civic app and get it into the hands of your friends and neighbors to make a real impact in your city. Hit key metrics of success by 10/8 -- metrics which we’ll work out with you) -- and you’ll win a year of free hosting.

Please read this note thoroughly (it's the longest one we'll send, promise) to learn about the final preparations for your race, the milestones of the competition, and next steps. For this phase of the R4R campaign, we’re asking you to market your apps through a public event and ongoing media outreach. Not to worry, we’re backing you up with a budget and resources to help you out.

Who are we? If you don’t know us, we’re Kevin and Jack of the Code for America Brigade. Think of us as your remote support team and long distance cheerleaders.

To start, we’ve put together a care package of resources to help you along the way:

Civic App Care Package

OPEN Issue - Campaign budget ($200): The centerpiece of the engagement campaign will be a local event you host in your community, which we’re asking every city to host on - or as close to - December 1. We’ll be providing some budget and resources to help you out, and offer more details when we connect individually in the coming weeks.

    • Event ($150): Food, snack, etc -- whatever you need to make the event run.
    • Printing/Materials ($50): Schwag to help spread the word (expect some templates, etc, in your inbox soon)

DONECivic App marketing webinar, media kit, and guides: Over the next few weeks, expect to receive a handful of detailed resources on how to get your app out there. And mark your calendars: on Tuesday, November 13th, at 10am, we’ll be hosting a webinar featuring best practicing on civic app marketing.

OPEN Issue - Visibility from National Campaign: The benefit of tying together the work being done in these 20+ cities is that we can lend a national platform for outreach. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be blogging, pushing out releases, etc, all summing to the big final push on December 1 -- the coordinated national event.

Need anything else? Just ping us, your campaign support team:

Next steps (do these now!)

  1. Check out the Campaign Milestones and Logistics Doc to get a sense of the full campaign campaign calendar and note important dates:
  2. Set your campaign goal by Friday November 16 - DONE Goal is 60+ Users/Contributors by Dec. 6th
    1. Engagement Day is Saturday December 1
    2. Campaign Ends on Thursday December 6
  3. Schedule a check in with the campaign support team:

 .      We use Tungle to cut down on scheduling headaches. Suggest a few times you’re available for a 30 minute conversation - DONE Team was on call 11/19/12

  1. We need to track your progress. Install and include us on your google analytics. - DONE installed Nov. 6th

 .      Follow these instructions

    1. Be sure to include the CfA Support team:,, and
  1. Tell us why you’re team is racing!

 .     DAVID & DANNY TO COMPLETE -   Write 250 words about why you’re racing. Submit here. - DONE David completed Nov. ___?

    1. Check out Seth’s “Why SeattleWiki” post if you’re looking for inspiration.  
  1. Sign up for the Civic App Marketing 101 [Webinar] - RSVP Here - DONE Rick and David attended

Ready, Set, Go!

The Brigade Team

Jack Madans

Program Coordinator
Code for America | 310.562.5567


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