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Mobile Apps for Digital Inclusion

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NDIA Listserv - John Horrigan of Pew Research posted an article stating essentially that smart-phone dependent users are in the digital divide and struggling in a "workaround ecosystem" between wireless data plans and wifi access.  This launched the debate for digital inclusion efforts to adopt mobile as a new model for engaging the smartphone-dependent population. ". . . we must meet our customers where they are." Proposed idea that people who have been smartphone-dependent for internet access may have been "laggards" on the Rogers Bell Curve regarding home Internet adoption but that they are "innovators" and "early adopters" of mobile technologies. Digital inclusion providers must recognize this opportunity for this population to leapfrog PCs and move rapidly into Web 3.0. Hong Kong has been doing this since at least 2012.


Work with Code for KC to develop a DI Mobile Apps program and use Design Thinking methodology to engage potential clients. Hold sessions at Bluford Library and CfG



Talk to City Communications about further enhancing pages for mobile interactions. 311, Job Applications, Bright Futures Internship Apps, Payments (Payit), permitting (Energov), find more.


Get conversation with Milo Medin on topic.


Do Design Thinking Session on topic.  "How could your internet experience be better on your smartphone?"



Free Broadband Initiatives for Poor and Rural Areas, with Eye on Future


Sprint 1Million Announcement 


Folks – We announced the Sprint 1Million Project a few minutes ago at an event in Greensboro, North Carolina, in conjunction with a White House announcement. We couldn’t be more proud to have participated in such a significant event with such distinguished participants. Our CEO provided comments and took questions from attending media. We expect significant news coverage to follow.


Here is a link to our press release:


Here is a direct link to our program website as well:


Jim Spillane and I will be hosting a call at the end of the week, providing a summary of the program and announcement, next steps, and answering any questions you may have.


Thank you for your input and partnership as we’ve developed the program. We’ll definitely be needing your continued support as we move into the pilot phase and prepare the program for full launch late next summer.

Amy Hargroves

Director, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

O: 913-315-1647 / M: 913-568-6394

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