Kansas City and Jackson County, Missouri have an amazing history filled with fascinating people, important events and a multitude of stories that have impacted our nation through the years.   The birthplace of Jazz, a revered President, and the beginnings of the Civil War are but just a few of the fascinating tidbits from our past.  

Below are links to some of the many resources available to history lovers and researchers:

Kansas City, Missouri website - http://www.kcmo.org/CKCMO/KCMO/KCMOHistory/index.htm

Jackson County Historical Society - http://www.jchs.org/

Jacomo Bookmark (JCHS) - http://www.jchs.org/education/jacomo_bookmark.htm

Historic Kansas City Foundation

Researching the History of Your House

Kansas City Land Bank

KCStreetcar Historic Properties Survey

Kivanet Kansas City, Mo.'s Land, Permitting and Inspections System

MDNR Jackson County National Historic Register Properties

Can we build something like Austin Historical Survey Wiki?

Portland Infill Design Toolkit

UMKC Neighborhood Housing Survey - Green Impact Zone

if a property must be demolished, how can useable materials and fixtures be salvaged?


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