Kauffman Foundation - The Entrepreneurship Policy Map - Advancing Entrepreneurship at Every Stage - March 10, 2016

The Entrepreneurship Policy Map

Modified Kansas City Entrepreneurship Policy Map including KCSourcelink's Entrepreneur Types and adding Entrepreneurial Community as Policy Maker




Micro Enterprise


Main Street 




Second Stage 








  1. Provide funding for entrepreneurship and business growth programs.
  2. Restore MO budget cuts to UMKC Enterprise Center and MTC for LaunchKC
    Amend State Law to allow Tesla's sales model  
Local Policy
  1. Identify entrepreneurship as a clear path to economic mobility.
  2. Review and reduce barriers to entry to entrepreneurship.
  3. Create a means of collaborating with startups in addressing citizens needs - See KCMO's Innovation Partnership Program
  4. Take calculated risks with local startups to encourage their growth.
  5. Be extroverted in political support of the startup community. 
  6. Recognize entrepreneurship as a path to economic inclusion through digital inclusion initiatives.
  7. Provide strong political leadership for entrepreneurial initiatives.
  8. Support innovative programs and leverage funding to support these programs and report regularly on program success.
  1.  Establish a microlending program. 
  2. Allow homebased business with few conditions.
  1.  Establish "shop local" small business support programs
  2. Hold focus groups w businesses for hyper local feedback on issues stifling growth 
  1. Make City data freely available in an open data catalog.
  2. Support "sharing economy" technologies that are helping to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship.




  1. Support intrapreneurship and innovation within companies
  2. Reduce real or perceived risks to startups who leave your company. How permeable is the employment market to allowing those engaged in a startup to easily move between corporate employment and startup employment?
  3. Take calculated risks with local startups to encourage their growth.
   Use Main Street businesses whenever possible to  obtain  the services needed by your company. 

1. See Engaging the Corporate IT Community & Engaging the Startup Community at Gigabit City Summit

2. @mariaemeyers on why corporate #KC should support the #startup community #gcs2016 #kctech


1. Support programs to attract Tech Talent

2. LiveKC is an excellent example in KC 




  1. How adept are your entrepreneurial community leaders at working collaboratively with little or no hierarchical structure? 
  2. Actively monitor and pursue government funding available for startup entrepreneurship programs.
  3. Celebrate the wins of collaboration between the public sector and private sector in supporting startup growth.
  4. Brad Feld's Boulder Thesis and KC Amendment
  5. Balance the necessary elements of adversity and opportunity needed in a startup ecosystem.
  6. Celebrate startup failure as necessary to Startup Community success.
  7. Support events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack - FWDKC
  8. Bob Kulhan: Improv 101 (The "Yes, and..." Principle) #KC #startup #entrepreneur policy @KauffmanFDN #1MCKC
  9. Dogfooding to provide feedback to startup Community
  1. Host Startup Weekends, Hackathons, and other tech events to engage innovative and creative companies.
  2. Form partnerships to create startup funding and mentoring program competitions.

Practice Radical Candor

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