Kansas City Digital Inclusion Summit 2014

Kansas City Digital Inclusion Town Hall - January 16, 2014

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Goals of the Summit include:

  • Identifying the major needs in Digital Inclusion for Kansas City
  1. Who has data to support this goal?
  1. Where are we serving the community well and where are the gaps?
  • The development of a community wide collaborative plan to narrow the digital divide
  1. What role does KCDigitalDrive play in this goal?
  • Raising awareness on the importance of narrowing the digital divide in Kansas City
  1. How to we create a positive media campaign in collaboration with established media outlets?
  2. How do we engage elected officials?
  • Improving education and employment outcomes
  1. How is this being measured and reported now and do the performance measures adequately address digital inclusion/digital engagement?
  • Improving and enhancing access to health and government resources
  1. Where is this access provided today and how does the target audience know about it?



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