KC Startup Village is an entrepreneur led, organic, grassroots initiative building hackerhoods in Google Fiberhoods around KC.  Meetings are typically every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at Kauffman Labs.

Scaling KCSV and identifying the next opportunity 

Infrastructure required to establish a successful Startup Village:

  1. Leadership by entrepreneurs
    1. Homes for Hackers
    2. KC Fiberhouse
  2. Reasonably priced residential real estate 
  3. Walkable urban neighborhoods
  4. Gigabit fiber
  5. Engaged entrepreneurial support organizations
  6. Easily accessible, streamlined City services and programs
    1. LaunchKC
    2. KC BizCare
  7. Community planning
    1. Greater Downtown Area Plan
    2. 18th & Vine Experience 
    3. 20th Street
    4. Vine Street Economic Development Plan
    5. City of Kansas City, Mo. adopted plans - find one you like and let's implement it.

Potential #KC neighborhoods:

  1. Crossroads 
  2. River Market
  3. Vine Street
  4. Old Hyde Park
  5. Green Impact Zone - Emerald City
  6. Center City
  7. Northeast
  8. Westside
  9. Downtown Loop


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