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Original Abstract:  How can we infuse smart city infrastructure into education to modernize learning systemically, and to catalyze personalized, lifelong learning capable of connecting learners to 21st century tools, skills and instruction designed for interacting with the digital world?

Other questions surfaced:

Table / Slide-Scribe

Table Topic &  Link to Live Notes

Table 1 / Dean

Table 1 How to prepare students to participate/lead/understand smart city infrastructure to create authentic learning experiences for high school / workforce preparedness?

Table 2 / John

Table 2 s the smart city infrastructure a bottleneck or are educators / could we become a smart city with our current system if we better connect educators with a robust data ecology?  (invisible enough to be unburdensome yet still of high value).

Table 3 / Brad

Table 3 How does the overall school experience change because a city is a sensor- and data-driven city?  For example, how can new tools (i.e. software) expand the capacity for teaching and learning?


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