Hosting a Write-A-Thon

Wanted to share a few resources with you and also some things we (CfA Fellows) started and would like to continue to help with:

  • Guide on Neighborhow about how to host a write-a-thon, written by last year's CfA fellows who created Honolulu Answers One thing that was cool about their write-a-thon is that they had a low-tech approach so that people didn't have to worry about logging in, editing pages, etc. Would be good to think about how do a low-tech option for KC as well. Whether it's hand written and then entered or dictated as someone who is more tech-savvy types, or even someone who is more tech-savvy teaching someone who is not how to use wikiKC! It's really important that we make this accessible and friendly to our attendees who may not be as digitally literate as the majority of the hackathon crowd. 
  • Andrew started a neighborhood template on WikiKC. The headers are spot on and based on other local wikis, but we could add some prompts to elicit good info.  Need team to place this template on the neighborhood wikis.
  • I created the attached PDF during our February Code Across event to be a "civic assignment sheet" Let's think on how we can iterate with you on this. 
  • Other neighborhood needs we heard beyond basic info are mapping and a shared community calendar so that they can plan events across neighborhoods and city-wide without conflicting with others
  • WikiKC needs some information architecture love so that it's easy to find info, people know where to put it, etc. Let's work on this either in advance of Hack KC or as the first thing the team does together. Would love to get your thoughts on this and I'd love to collaborate with you on it. 
  • What other areas besides neighborhoods do you see an immediate need to build out on?
  • More information on hosting an editing party.
  • Page Ideas - Please add yours!

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