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Households With Children:   

* Keep bathroom doors closed and secure toilet lids with lid locks.

* Never leave small children alone around any container of water. This includes toilets, tubs, wading pools, spas, aquariums, and buckets.

* Safeguard bathtubs and sinks used for bathing by using faucet covers and nonskid mats or decals.

* Before bathing children, gather the soap, shampoo, toys, towel, diaper, clothing, and any other needed items you might need before running the bath water. Place these items so you can easily reach them.

* After running bath water, check the water temperature before placing the child in the bath water.

* Once your child is in the bath, don't leave for any reason. Children can drown in just a small amount of water. They can easily topple into the tub or toilet. It only takes a few seconds for a drowning to happen.

* If you must leave the room for the telephone or door, take the child with you after taking the child out of the water and wrapping him in a towel.

* To avoid falls and slipping under the water, always keep one hand firmly around the child when bathing him and keep the child sitting.

Households With Seniors Or Persons With Disabilities  

* For people who are elderly or have disabilities, consider installing grab bars on walls around the tub and beside the toilet and a portable, hand-held shower head.   


* Some people who are elderly may have less sensation in their hands and therefore may misjudge water temperature. If you have a loved one who is elderly, check the water temperature in their home to avoid scalding injuries.

(Safety tips courtesy of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services)



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Some of you may have saved gas by turning off you pilot light during the summer.  As it begins to cool off, this week we are being given an early warning of a cool front, and it may be cool enough to cause you to want heat.  

Now is the time to light the pilot light, and also check the thermocouple.  I found one site with a 36" thermocouple for $4.85.  I use a 24" unit, so a little looking on line or at Westlake or Strasser Hardware.  

This is a simple do-it-yourself repair.  If your thermocouple is not working, your pilot light will not remain lit.  You also need to ensure the pilot light flame is hitting the tube of the thermocouple.  If it is just glancing at the tube, a minor draft of air can cause your furnace to fail to operate.  


Youtube - replacement of your thermocouple:



Editor's Note:  this is a good link with check list of other furnace preparations you should make  

How To Properly Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

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