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June 1 & 2, 2013, is the National Day of Civic Hacking.  Sign up for the Hack Kansas City event now and add your ideas.

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Join the KCI Airport Renovation Broadband Civic Engagement Infrastructure Project

This project is directed at identifying ways that tools of civic engagement can be Curated into a reasonably stable framework that members of the public and groups or other organizations can use to follow the work of Mayor James' Advisory Committee. A goal is to build a bridge between 1) those with a working knowledge of Very Broad Bandwidth technical capabilities for access to information and means of commenting; and 2) those with active participation in forming and sharing what all categories of stakeholders might be thinking as the Advisory Committee does its work.

To get a lively conversation we'd welcome people who are knowledgeable about connect-ware, collaborative work tools, survey instruments, as well as with community organizing and plain language requirements description.

This is a Discover and Develop exercise - it will be structured and facilitated, but with a strong bias toward collaborative inquiry and shared learning about Broadband Civic Engagement across the many discipline and stakeholder community lines of interest in this timely subject. It is anticipated that this effort will gain some ground toward a presentation to the Advisory Committee and will continue exploring past the end of the immediate Hacking Opportunity this weekend. Come have some fun exploring.

Team Lead: Bill Mullins, Principal, Better Choices Consulting.

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