AT&T Access

As you may know AT&T launched a low-cost home Internet offer called AT&T Access. It is available anywhere AT&T wired service is offered. I'd like to share an overview:

Qualifying households include those:

  • With at least one resident who participates in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); 
  • With an address in AT&T’s 21-state service area, at which AT&T offers wireline home Internet service; and 
  • Without outstanding debt for AT&T fixed Internet service within the last six months or outstanding debt incurred under this program.

AT&T will assign the fastest of these speed tiers available at the customer’s address:



  • 10 megabits per second, for $10 per month;
  • 5 megabits per second, for $10 per month; or 
  • 3 megabits per second, for $5 per month.

And, there is NO Commitment, NO Deposit, NO Installation fee and NO Charge for in-home Wi-Fi Modem. This is four-year program commenced April 22, 2016. We are excited about this becoming an additional affordable option for families, seniors, and others to access the Internet.

EveryoneOn will host a 30 min webinar on Wednesday, June 15th, at 11AM EST to discuss the Access from AT&T program in detail, walk through the online application, and share outreach and enrollment strategies. Join us and feel free to invite your colleagues, partner organizations or affiliates! Registration is required: June 15th Webinar

In the meantime, check out Access from AT&T and Access Partners to learn more. 


As always, we look forward to collaborating with you to ensure our ConnectHome families have access to Internet service. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or would like to explore how to share this information. 

Amber Petty

National Programs Coordinator | EveryoneOn



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